Prince of Persia  
Prince of Persia
Prince of Persia

Producer: Ubisoft
Release Date: December 2008
Platform: PS3
Rating: Teen
Genre: Adventure

4 stars


New Direction for Prince of Persia
Written by Andrew Gates

The critically acclaimed Prince of Persia franchise returns for the first time on next-generation platforms with an all-new epic journey.

Out of a sandstorm emerges the Prince on a mission to find Farah, his donkey, when out of nowhere a beautiful young woman seems to fall from the sky landing on top of him. Atop the cliff above the Prince and woman appear three guards with a look of desperation. The woman takes off after landing on the prince leaving him to wonder and shout, “At least tell me your name.”

Now you are in control. The Prince is curious as to what’s the matter and can’t help but follow. When you finally catch up to her, she is cornered by two armed guards. It is up to you to disarm them. Once you defeat these guards you have a few words with the girl and then she flees the scene leaving you to catch up once again. The mystery woman’s name is finally revealed just before you are nearly crushed then fall to your death as a bridge collapses from under you. It now becomes apparent this girl, Elika, is no ordinary girl as she magically pulls you from your freefall and spares your life.

The destination for Elika also becomes known as she exclaims, “I’ve got to get to the temple.” Your curiosity gets the best of you and you decide to follow. Along the journey you are confronted by one and then two armed guards and must defend yourself before making your way down a steep cliff and on to the temple, which is off in the distance.

Making your way into a chamber inside the temple, a glowing tree comes into view. As you approach, what seems to be the life force for the city, the glowing tree a bearded and burly man comes out of the shadows. It is revealed this is Elika’s father, The Mourning King. A battle ensues and when The Mourning King is faced with defeat he swings his sword and chops down the glowing tree plunging the city into darkness. You must flee the temple as it comes crashing down around you.

As you escape from the temple ruins it is apparent that you will need to help Elika fight the corruption and heal the lands to bring the city back to life, out of the darkness and into the light. Let your journey begin…

I really liked this game. The controls were easy to use and the dialogue was quite witty at times. It’s not your average shoot ‘em up, blood and gore game so don’t expect that. It is an adventure and you can expect to find yourself amazed by the graphics and the design of the different lands. I had a good time playing this game and found myself not wanting to put down the controls as it pulled me in right away. The only downfalls are that it does become a bit repetitive as you fight the same kind of characters over and over. It may lose its appeal to an older person, but it’s a perfect game for kids. I think they will be intrigued by the graphics, story and ease of use. It is a definite purchase in my book especially if you have kids in their teens.

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