X-Men Wolverine  
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X-MEN Origins - Wolverine Uncaged

Producer: Activision
Release Date: May 2009
Platform: Playstation®3
Rating: Mature
Genre: Adventure

4 stars


Weapon X — The Beginning Revealed
Written by John Diaz

Best video game based on a movie ever? This isn’t your Saturday morning cartoon Wolverine.

Pulled from the pages of some of the greatest comic books, Logan’s story is unraveled in a series of events from his past that he cannot remember. We re-visit Logan’s past which features a few CG characters from the movie (don’t worry, they don’t ruin the film). Victor Creed, or Sabertooth, challenges the abilities of Logan in one of the first boss fights. We learn how Logan became Weapon X. Colonel William Stryker, also in the film, gives Logan orders as he scours the jungles of Africa in search of a meteorite (adamantium). Logan fights his way through new enemies in age old fashion.

Other levels throughout the series of memories take place in the laboratory where Logan was infused with adamantium. As you navigate through the maze-like corridors of the laboratory you learn of the experiments performed on many mutants before you. This single-player hack and slash adventure featuring classic Wolverine tough guy voice acting is an amazing balance of cut scenes and slow motion artistry.

With the energy that Logan has, and his constant regenerating health, we slice through villains left and right without bothering to look at the health meter. The level up and experience system is complimented by a rejuvenating twist added by Activision; the collection of dog tags makes leveling up quicker, and rewards the player unlike games were collecting items is merely, well … just collecting. Unleash Wolverine’s rage mode for added damage and defeat enemies with different finishing styles for added experience.

Did I mention there are gallons of blood? This X-Men game installment definitely deserves its mature rating. Slicing foes clean of their limbs or severing them from their lower halves periodically slows the camera down so that you can relish in your claw-wielding mastery. What else could we want from an awesome character with super powers?

The auto-save at checkpoints is decent, especially when you start fighting the larger waves of soon-to-be-diced bad guys. Unlockable hard mode and other goodies make the game a treat to enjoy and a breath of fresh air from the movie-to-videogame adaptations. The controls for Wolverine’s unruly fist weapons are harnessed. However, once combo moves had begun, just finish it off instead of attempting to stop it. I found it difficult to stop myself from just slashing away constantly.

I was impressed by the games controls when compared to other games in its genre. Wolverine’s movements are fluid, savagely quick, and exciting to execute. The sound and graphics are at the caliber of other such next-gen games, and the camera system is well done by Activision. We have to give the Unreal engine some love for this one. I know that children love super heroes but make sure there aren’t any kids in the room when you play this one. Graphic displays of severing body parts, along with the abundance of bad language causes the games’ mature rating.

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