2010 Bentley GT  
2010 Bentley GT

2010 Bentley GT
Price: $185,395+
Engine: 6 Liter, twin turbo, W12
Torque: 479 lb-ft.
Horsepower: 552 hp
0-60 MPH: 5.1 sec.
Top Speed: 204
EST. MPG: 10 City/17 HWY
Available: NOW


Extreme Price. Extreme Power.
Extreme Bentley.

Written by Nicolas Bates

Bentley is calling their latest Continental GT “the extreme Bentley.” This is for good reason, as the newest GT line-up now includes a Supersports version, which is capable of 204 MPH and has a 0-60 time of 3.7 seconds. This car is qualified enough to be found racing on the high banks of Daytona, or cutting through the corners of Monaco, but you can also expect it to do what all Bentley’s do: get you where you want to go in 100% luxurious fashion.

Bentley’s 2010 Continental GT models are available in varying trims: the base coupe GT and the CTC(C for convertible), the GT and GTC Speed, and the newest arrival, the Supersports GT. The difference in each trim is subtle if you don’t have the pedal mashed to the floor, but they include doorsills etched with “Speed” on the speed models, as well as a crackle-black-finished intake manifold, dark-tinted front grille, larger-diameter tailpipes, and a rear spoiler. The difference in the Supersports models includes the aforementioned goods plus the largest production brakes ever designed, a sweet carbon fiber rear bench in place of a rear seat for weight reduction, as well as light weight racing seats up front and 20” alloy wheels.

The mammoth GT is powered by a colossal 6 Liter, 48 valve, twin turbocharged, W12 engine with variable valve timing. Weighing in at 5,456 lbs, the GTC is the heaviest. The GT Coupe weighs in at 5,180 lbs, while the Supersports model shaves a cool 243 lbs off from its Coupe counter-part and comes in at 4,937 lbs. Regardless, hurling a two and a half ton vehicle to 204 MPH, and from 0-60 in 3.7 seconds is a bit of an engineering feat, to say the least. The GT comes equipped with 552 bhp, 479 lb-ft, while the Speed produces 600 bhp, 553 lb-ft and the Supersports comes with a tad more power at 621 bhp, 590 lb-ft. This beastly GT needs a fairly large apparatus to transfer the power to its wheels and all models come standard with a ZF 6-Speed automatic transmission that can be shifted manually. With this much power, you would expect to pay at the pump. MPG estimates are rated at 10/17 City/Highway for the GT as well as the GT Speed and 12/19 for the Supersports version.

This car is a head turner no doubt. It gives off a high sense of luxury but also a high sense of style and sportiness with its soft curves and long lines. Be prepared to answer questions when you roll up in this behemoth wonder.

The 2010 Continental GT now sports newly standard speed sensitive power steering for more feedback to the driver, and the springs, dampers, and anti-roll bar were revised for optimal comfort. Suspension duties are controlled by a self-leveling air system that monitors ride height and damping depending on various road conditions you may encounter. Continuous Damping Control helps keep the body from rolling from side to side and the Electronic Stability Program helps keep the traction to all 4 wheels, which deliver massive amounts of power to the asphalt.

If you’re at all indecisive about the color you want for your interior, this is not the car for you, as Bentley offers 17 shades of leather and five styles of wood trim. The Mulliner trim package adds quilted leather, chrome and turned aluminum panels in lieu of wood dash pieces. Another pricey option is the Naim 1000-watt, 14-speaker audio system. The Continental comes standard with a DVD Navigation system, which its electronic climate control system calls home. The plush interior will try to keep you as safe as possible with driver & front passenger frontal airbags with occupant sensors, front & rear side mounted airbags, front & rear side curtain airbags and front & rear 3-point seat belts w/pre-tensioners.

The Continental GT, and in particular, the Supersports version, are indeed “extreme,” and not for the faint of heart or an individual lacking a serious budget. This automobile was made for the individual who needs the utmost speed, luxury and comfort and is not afraid to pay for it. Base Continental GT’s start at $185,395 and you will easily pay upwards of $275,000 for the Supersports version. New house or 0-60 MPH in 3.7 seconds in a vehicle that weighs as much as a Toyota Landcruiser?

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