Hot Import Nights 2012  
Hot import Nights 2012

Hot Import Nights 2012,
Exclusive Coverage

Written by Andrew Gates

Welcome to a glimpse inside Hot Import Nights (HIN), which took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center in downtown LA on July 7, 2012. If you are not familiar with HIN, this show is a chance to view some of the sickest whips the country has to offer—this year being no exception. If you haven’t experienced Hot Import Nights then you are missing out on a great chance to see the crazy things people can do with an automobile. RUKUS magazine attended the event and snapped a few shots of some amazing rides for your viewing pleasure.

Along with the crazy rides you’ll see at HIN, you’ll also see the newly-added special gaming section sponsored by IGN. Viewers are offered a chance to see some of the latest games as they are played on a big screen with live announcements.

In a corner of the show floor were booths set up for promotion of the new Get the Gringo movie released May 1, 2012. There was also a chance to meet and get an autograph from Kevin Hernandez, who co-stars alongside Mel Gibson.

With all the action going on at one time it’s hard to not miss out on something along the way, but one must-see is the all-important “go-go competition.” This is an opportunity for the best dancers to win cash prizes, with the top three dancers taking home prize money. The competition was stiff, but after a long battle a victor was made champion: Darling Darla. Congrats, Darla! Overall, the show was great. We enjoyed checking out the cars, games and, of course, the girls. We look forward to coming out the next time they roll into town because we know that if you want Hot Girls, Fast Cars and Loud Music, there is no place like Hot Import Nights.

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