SEMA 2012, Las Vegas

SEMA 2012,
Exclusive Coverage

Written by Andrew Gates

Photos by Andrew Gates

Usually, when we cover events we don’t stray too far from Los Angeles. This year we made an exception and ventured to Las Vegas, NV to cover the Sema show. If you’re not familiar with this show it is the MECCA of automotive parts and accessories. If you’re looking for anything automotive or if you’ve ever wondered if a certain part exists, this is the place you will most likely find it. Every year in November the Las Vegas Convention Center plays host to Sema and every year it is packed with people who travel from all corners of the globe in search of new products and manufacturers who produce those products. We walked the show for two days straight and saw some of the newest products, dopest rides and blazing hot chicks. We will no doubt be making the journey out here every year, since it is a great place to meet and great and see what will be hitting the shelves in the coming months.

One of the great things they had going on was a ride-along in a drift car, if you’ve never done this and you’re given the opportunity to go for a ride, don’t deny yourself the adrenaline filled thrill ride that is sure to put you back in your seat and keep you asking for more (Special Thanks to Rob Nish). I had a blast as we slid the ass end around some corners, heard the squeal of the tires as they broke loose and smelt the smoke from the rubber as it came off the tires. It brought me back to my youth when we used to play a game called cat and mouse; we would have a lead car and a chase car and try to loose one another in the city. I’m feeling the itch to get back out there; only this time it’ll be on the track.

The show itself was HUGE and there is absolutely nothing like it. Although, we didn’t have a lot of time to cover everything, we did have a chance to see quite a bit which we’ve supply for you in the next few pages. Enjoy these images from the show and keep an eye out for the RUKUS drift car coming soon.

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