Formula Drift, Irwindale

Formula Drift,
Irwindale 2013

Written by Andrew Gates

Photos by Carlos Cedillo

Formula Drift was probably one of the most exciting events I’ve ever attended. They’ve been holding competitions since 2004 and this was their ten year anniversary. The action was non-stop and the roar of the engines was unbelievable, not to mention the smoke. The smoke can be a little overwhelming, but it comes with the territory. This was my first ever drift competition and I must say I was impressed. When I first got to Irwindale Speedway I had an issue finding the media parking, apparently there wasn’t any or nobody knew anything about it. I was lucky to find a nice gentleman who let me park close so I didn’t have to lug my gear from across the parking lot, thanks Anthony.

As I approached the actual event I could hear the engines roar and see the smoke as it moved over the grandstands. Since this was my first time at a drifting event and I’m a huge fan of the sport, I was excited. Once I got my bearings straight and attended the media meeting it was time to figure out what vantage point to shoot from. I found a nice little spot just off the start-line where I would settle in for the evening. I actually wish I would have moved around, but I did manage to get a lot of great video footage from this spot.

The action throughout the night was fierce and a bit of a nail biter since, points leader, Michael Essa blew his motor and wasn’t able to compete in actual competition. It came down to Chris “The Force” Forsberg, who needed second place or better to take the crown, but got knocked out early allowing Essa to take the 2013 Championship. I must say if you have never attended a drifting event, but like some great head to head competition, you must attend a Formula Drift event. They have events throughout the United States, Asia and are now heading to Australia. If you weren’t lucky enough to score some tickets to this event, check out some of the action you missed.

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