Los Angeles Auto Show 2013

Los Angeles Auto Show 2013
Written by Andrew Gates

Photos by Andrew Gates

It’s that time of the year again where many of the car manufacturers show off their prized secret car builds of the year and show the world where they plan on moving forward for the future, I give you the Los Angeles Auto Show 2013. As I walked around the different halls I notice there are a few new models and concept cars, but nothing that really stood out for me aside from the Grand Turismo AMG that shined like nothing else.

There was the occasional new release, but the body styles didn’t really change that much, maybe some new taillights or something, but I didn’t see any remodels. I was a bit disappointed, overall. They did unveil the new Mustang Shelby, but from the outside it looked like the old Mustang, I guess under the hood is where the difference lies.

I did see many more Hybrid cars than last year, although they were kind of in the shadows of everything else. The one Hybrid car that stuck out for me was the Lexus, now that was a nice ride, inside and out. I was keeping my eyes out for the Tesla Model S, since this happens to be my favorite car to hit the market in a long while. I like that someone finally had the balls and gumption to make a car that is all electric with a decent amount of range before a recharge is needed and looks fantastic inside and out.

My hope for next year, 2014, is to see more all electric cars that are as sleek as the Telsa Model S, but go faster, further and still cost around the same amount, $54,000. If you didn’t get a chance to come out for the show as always I’ve got a montage of photos you might like. Enjoy.

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