Los Angeles Auto Show 2016

Los Angeles Auto Show 2016
Photos by Rupa Begum
Written by Andrew Gates

The Los Angeles Auto Show is always a great place to stay up to date on the new changes taking place in the automotive industry or just a great chance to see some new cars hitting the market. It’s a chance to take in some futuristic designs, and concept cars that could potentially hit the market in the future. It’s also a place to see some crazy builds with multiple engines or engine swaps you just wouldn’t imagine. If you’re wanting to go green, it’s also a place to see what is coming to market in the form of hybrids or electric. All-in-all, The LA Auto Show is a great place for just about everyone; from conservative consumers, to the muscle-car aficionado, and gear-heads alike.

We took the time to check out the show and bring you a little for all walks of life as you’ll see in the images we’ve captured. Some of our favorites were the 3D printed car found on page seventeen, Kia Sorento Ski Gondola on page 18, and who wouldn’t be thrilled to see a TIE fighter replica standing 21-foot-tall just outside the Nissan booth as they celebrate the movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and the Nissan Rogue compact crossover, It was definitely a sight to behold. If you didn’t have the pleasure of making it out to the show, well, we’ve got you covered…check out the images we snapped for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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